Our Empotato

What? A potato crust empanada - the ultimate hot & healthy, guilt free snack made with our revolutionary potato dough. Oven-baked, vegan and naturally gluten free.
Full of goodies, free from baddies.

During a road trip in Latin America we got inspired by the empanada, so easy and fun to eat. Back home, we spent many hours in the bakery to create an empanada made with our unique potato dough. The first product, an Empotato -  handmade, crunchy 100% potato crust empanada with delicious plant-based fillings.

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The Empotato is available in 3 different flavours

sweet potato, black beans, corn, chipotle chili, smoked bell peper, tomato, onion, lime

173 Kcal

4.0 gr fat

4.6 gr protein

30% veggies

chickpeas, mango, carrot, onion, raisins, garam masala, ginger, turmeric

169 Kcal

3.4 gr fat

5.1 gr protein

30% veggies

edamame beans, white cabbage, onion, lemon, turmeric, cumin, black pepper

168 Kcal

4.7 gr fat

6.5 gr protein

30% veggies

Our Bakery


We are the world’s first potato dough bakery. We developed a revolutionary flour that consists of just potato. Again, what? Yes, just potato. Nutritious, delicious and naturally gluten free.

With our potato dough we can create a variety of delicious bakery snacks that feature the unique 100% potato crust. Every product is handmade. When baked in the oven the crust has a crunchy outside and a soft mash from the inside.

It's our mission to make great potato bakery products that are tasty and good for you. We challenge ourselves to make them all vegan friendly with only the best ingredients. 100% plant-based, so everybody can enjoy them.



Potato facts:
The potato is a root vegetable. Did you know they have fewer carbs than rice and wheat? Beside that, potatoes contain vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium and manganese and a variety of anti-oxidants.


Sell our products?

Our bakery products are only sold to resellers. Foodservice customers can go to our online bakery shop.

Suggestions for restaurant / shop?
If you have a good idea for a restaurant or shop to sell our product, please contact us and we’ll get in touch.

E-mail: info@goodrootbakery.com

Faq & Contact


Got a question? Check out our FAQ below. Still not satisfied, feel free to to contact us using the farm or our social channels.

Resellers can only buy our products via our webshop Verstrade in the Netherlands. Consumers can find our products in their favorite food shop. If not? Please give us your suggestion info@goodrootbakery.com

We have developed a unique flour just from potato. With this flour we make dough by adding water. 100% vegan en naturally gluten free.

Our potato dough is made from 100% potato flour. Baked in the oven it forms a delicious potato crust. Crunchy on the outside and a soft potato mash on the inside.

Our bakery is Food Safe certified. However our products can contain some traces of gluten from cross contamination.

No, we do not use organic ingredients, but we do make sustainable choices selecting our ingredients.

The empotato is oven-baked and fresh frozen. You can heat it in the oven frozen or defrosted.

Our potato crust does not contain any allergens*. Some of our fillings can contain an allergen. Please always check the label on the box. *= our products can contain traces of gluten, but the product is naturally gluten free.

We are Good Root Bakery

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